Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Today, Women are making personal and career changes as they reshape their definition of success. We are growing aware of the essential value of honoring the desire of the heart. Many are awakened to realize what it has cost them in their health, relationships, prosperity and self-esteem to stay stuck in lack of clarity, anger, frustration, blame, and loss of meaning.

Everyone needs a coach; someone who believes in you abilities but can also help you set clear goals towards achieving the life you want.

Sometimes we limits ourselves and cap our potential. Many talented people develop the belief that they are destined to remain in their current situation. Life coaching helps you to break negative belief patterns and set challenging aspirations.

What is Life Coaching?

As I see it, life coaching aims to help you achieve clarity and confidence to work through issues that are holding you back from enjoying a challenging and harmonious life. Life coaching is not about making simplistic judgment’s someone’s life and telling that person how they ought to live it. So the challenge isn’t in learning new information, it’s having enough FOCUS carry the change through to your behavior.

That’s why Coaching is so vital


• Phone Coaching (one-on-one)
• Email Coaching
• Group Coaching
• Teen Coaching
• Business Coaching
• Teleclasses



You deserve it and in fact you owe it to those around you.
You cannot be very effective in your relationships when you tired, run down or resentful of never being able to take care of yourself.

Do things that make you feel good, loved and special. Do things that help you connect to you? Do thing for YOU!

Live Consciously!

Christine Spencer, Certified Life /Success Coach



  1. I am getting used to new site and really like it! I agree that sometimes you need guidance to get out of a rut or see your true potential. Life coaches seem very similar to mentors - so many women do not have good influences in life and they are really needed.

    I am fortunate to have had strong women mentors throughout my life and a supportive family.

  2. Influence...Very powerful word! I agree 100% :) As I see it, Life Coaching aims to helps your achieve clarity and confidence to work through issues that are holding yo back from enjoying a harmonious life.

    One of the most important part to becoming a Powerful Women is understanding.... WHO YOU ARE!



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